Charities exist to support independent groups and to help manage non-profit organiztions to succeed.

The Chico SummerFest is happy to partner with the Chico Men's, Women and Youth Rugby Club.  This Non-Profit group is supporting the festival and in exchange, we are donating a percentage of the proceeds.

We are happy to work with this Chico-Based organization and support Youth Athletics

Chico Men's - Women's - Youth Rugby Club

Chico Men's Rugby Club Mission Statement:  

The Chico Men’s Rugby Club was founded in 1967 with the goal of competing in the Northern California Rugby Football Union at the highest possible level consistent with the ability of the Club to field competitive sides; maintaining a year-round program of Club activities; promoting and developing the sport of rugby within the local community at the youth, high school, collegiate, and senior levels; and contributing back to the Chico community through charitable activity and encouragement of physical fitness.

Chico SummerFest is also donating funds to the Chico High School Wrestling Team, EAC & the 2030 Club